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Still asking yourself: “How to do my Chinese homework effectively?” The answer is right here! Tidewater tutor online tutoring service is your personal homework helper and test prep assistant on the way to successfully mastering the Chinese language. Come to us whenever you have a problem or question and you are guaranteed to get the best results! A Few Reasons of Why You Should Learn Chinese It has become really important to learn more than one foreign language in the face of the emerging global economy. And whenever the question arises of “what language to learn?” the answer is simple: it is Chinese. Why? Well, firstly, because there are at least 1.3 billion people who understand and speak it. Equally important is the fact that China is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which means soon we’ll be hearing more of it and most likely in Chinese. Finally, Chinese is a beautiful and enchanting language worth learning. More and more U.S. companies are expanding their businesses to the East with long-term investment in mind and China is their first and most desirable destination. International recruiting trends also indicate that employees are more willing to hire a person who can speak more than one foreign language, thus knowing Chinese might become your competitive edge over other job seekers. In terms of cultural heritage, Chinese people have always been a rich nation. There is a great ocean of Chinese short stories, poems, novels, novellas, music, and culture to plunge into. Reading Chinese literature is like walking on a lyrical road that you will never want to end. No translation ever, no matter how accurate it is, will give you that level of understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the Chinese language.


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