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Digital Art

Digital Art Help Is A Click Away With Tidewater Tutor

Do you have a creative searching mind that craves for artistic refinement? Do you love technology? If that’s true for you, multimedia then might be the best career call. Digital art is a creative process given shape by computers. This is often called multimedia art. Above all the contradictions regarding its name, digital art chose to be called media art as an umbrella term. This is a range of artworks and practices that use digital technology as a medium. All artistic practices such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music/sound art, net art, digital installation art come under the umbrella of multimedia art. An artist who uses digital technology to produce such art is called a digital artist.Digital art is the most contemporary form of all arts. When your observation is correct, you can learn any art you intend for. Above all, practice helps your skills bloom. The rest depends on your mind, the more creative you are, the better artist you may become. Fundamentals of a digital art should be taught by a knowledgeable teacher that can provide accurate and comprehensive feedback. You may try to learn it all by yourself by purchasing digital software and books. However digital arts are not as simple as they seem. The technologies are rather complex. A design professional is expected to know Photoshop flawlessly. There are many types of digital art that you can seek help with. In particular we offer tutoring in the following topics: • Art game • Computer art scene • Computer music • Cyber arts • Digital illustration • Digital imaging • Digital painting • Digital photography • Digital poetry • Dynamic Painting • Electronic music • Evolutionary art • Generative art • Generative music • Immersion (virtual reality) • Motion graphics What Benefits Career In Multimedia Has Having learnt the multimedia you may turn to a designer company, film editing company or animation makers for a job. There are opportunities to get a fat salary depending upon your experience in the field. Apart from multimedia companies, newspapers, magazines are also hiring designing professionals to create the web pages for the online version, page making for the printed version etc. Multimedia nowadays is one of the most sought-after and promising career fields.


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