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My Background

Hello, I am Shayla Spencer-Artis an educator and the owner of Tidewater Tutors. I have over 15 years of teaching experience and I love helping families and individual students excel educationally! I am a current middle school Business and Education (CTE) teacher, who also holds endorsements in History and English. I have my BS in Communications from Old Dominion University, and I am currently finishing my last semester working on my MSED in Education from Old Dominion University. I am also a yogi and Reiki Master. I am a mother of three wonderful and amazing sons.   I started this company as a way to help students learn more efficiently, understand the importance of good study skills, and realize that staying on top of your schoolwork can give you a competitive advantage in life. I want to help parents realize that there is a  solution to help struggling students reach success and also assist students who simply want to maintain and be ahead of the curve in their educational studies. My numerous years of teaching experience can be a  huge help and advantage to your student. Allow my trained and experienced tutors to help your child become a more focused and self-assured student. Being a teacher has lead me to see and understand several learning techniques and styles that my tutors will train and teach your students to use in their own studies in and out of the classroom. We offer 1 on 1 private personal tutoring attention for your child, and we meet the student at their level of learning and build them up. My private tutors offer homework help to help your child excel. We have the best tutors in English, Math, History, Science and SAT/ACT let my tutors help you! We have the best tutors in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach,  Portsmouth, and Newport News. I understand what it takes for students to be successful in the real world and sometimes when a child is in a  classroom with 25 other students it’s hard for a child to get that one on one attention that they really need to excel, Tidewater Tutors can help you help your child stay above the curve. Let Tidewater Tutors unleash your Genius! 


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